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Who We Are

Amrep® is a premier manufacturer of high-quality refuse equipment. We offer a complete refuse body equipment package that includes front loaders, automated side loaders, manual side loaders, roll-off hoists and transportation trailers. Always at the forefront of refuse technology, many of the innovations Amrep has introduced over the years have become standards in the waste hauling industry.

A Brief History

Amrep’s rich history is a true American success story, born of hard work and a passion for America. The story begins in 1968, when brothers Jose and Eduardo Ghibaudo came to the United States from Argentina and went to work as welders for a company that built refuse trucks.

Not long afterward, the brothers decided to form their own company to repair the refuse equipment they knew so well. As proud residents of the United States, the Ghibaudo brothers demonstrated their patriotism by naming their company American Repair. The name was shortened to Amrep when the business was incorporated in 1976.

In 1993, the brothers ended their business partnership, but Jose continued to run Amrep. Jose’s children, Alex Ghibaudo and Vivian Ford (who joined the business in the 1980s), and Eric Mattson (who started in 1991) eventually took over the company operation. Since then, the business has grown to five locations in four states and over 260 employees.

Despite its growth, Amrep’s rich history of pride in ownership and obsessive dedication to understanding our customers’ needs — along with a focus on delivering the highest-quality products — continues today.