Rear Loaders

Made with the industry’s strongest materials.

Our rear load garbage trucks for sale are designed to withstand the rigors of commercial routes in every corner of the country. Built with Hardox® AR500 & AR450 175,000 psi, abrasion-resistant, high-tensile, wear plate steel — the strongest steel in the waste industry — Amrep® refuse bodies maximize payload and service life. Amrep is a proud member of the Hardox® In My Body™ program, which means you can be sure that our rear loaders provide the ultimate in strength and service life.

Amrep pioneered the use of Hardox® wear plate in refuse bodies long before other manufacturers began using the material, introducing Hardox® wear plate into body production in 2001. Today, Amrep is among the few North American body manufacturers that use Hardox® wear plate in the complete body shell — hopper, body and door — to create the industry’s strongest refuse bodies.

About Our Rear Load Models

Amrep’s rear load refuse trucks are meant to be easy to use, cheaper to maintain, and driven longer than the competition. By exceling at the basics, Amrep cuts through then noise of unneeded features and complex controls to create a truck that’s meant for the daily driver. Plus, with Amrep’s durable Hardox-steel body, your truck spends less time in the shop, is cheaper to maintain, and spends more time on the road.