Front End Loaders

Strong, Durable Front Loader Garbage Trucks

Tough Steel to Withstand Rough Use

Our front load refuse trucks are designed to withstand the rigors of commercial routes. Built with Hardox® AR450 175,000 psi, abrasion-resistant, high-tensile, wear plate steel — the strongest steel in the waste industry — Amrep® refuse bodies maximize payload and service life. Amrep is a proud member of the Hardox® In My Body™ program, which means you can be sure that our front loaders provide the ultimate in strength and service life.

Amrep pioneered the use of Hardox® wear plate in refuse bodies long before other manufacturers began using the material, introducing Hardox® wear plate into body production in 2001. Today, Amrep is among the few North American body manufacturers that use Hardox® wear plate in the complete body shell — hopper, body and door — to create the industry’s strongest refuse bodies.

Versatile Front Load Refuse Trucks

In addition to their strength and durability, Amrep front end loader garbage trucks are versatile. They can be configured with an automated carry can or a cart tipper assembly on the fork cross shafts for residential routes. For organics collection, Amrep offers a dual cart tipper plate assembly that works in conjunction with hydraulically adjustable forks.

About Our HX450FL Front Load Models

Amrep’s HX450FL front load refuse truck is available in multiple sizes and lengths, with full push-out or hoist ejection. Our unique shaped construction, using Hardox® wear plate material, allows for a simple and clean design, while providing greater strength and wear life.

Why Choose Amrep Front Loader Waste Trucks

  • Designed with the driver in mind; easy-to-use controls provide a clear line of sight from the cab
  • Ease of access creates a safer work environment in the shop or on the route
  • Control systems are fully integrated into the dash
  • Control handles and toggle switches are positioned ergonomically to help reduce driver fatigue and repetitive strain
  • Onboard display lets the driver easily monitor key information on packer position, arm position and over-height/over-width warnings and alarms
  • Onboard diagnostics help identify problems quickly via the onboard display or control board LED configuration
  • Trucks are easy to maintain; mounting control components outside the chassis frame eliminates the need to raise the body to service the unit
  • Unrivaled service and support that reduces downtime