Side Loaders

Automated and Manual Side Loader Garbage Trucks

Durable, Reliable Side Load Trash Trucks

Amrep® is a proud member of the Hardox® In My Body™ program, a testament to our commitment to improve refuse truck body strength. Hardox® wear plate is the strongest steel used in the waste industry, maximizing payload and extending service life.

All Amrep side load trash truck bodies are built using Hardox® AR450 175,000 psi, abrasion-resistant, high-tensile, wear plate steel in the floor, sides and roof. This permits us to design and build a simpler, cleaner, uniquely shaped truck body that provides increased strength, greater durability and longer wear life without added weight — allowing you to maximize your payload.

Built for Ease-of-Use and Maintenance

Our broad line of manual and automated side loader garbage trucks is designed primarily for the residential collection of waste, organics and recyclables. Amrep’s side load trucks are built to take on densely populated areas with easy-to-use, in-cab controls. Features such as onboard diagnostics, pack-on-the-go and quick cycle times help drivers complete their routes faster and more efficiently.

Amrep side load refuse trucks come with a host of standard features, including a fast 10-second cycle time, a full follower plate, crusher panel, computer-controlled packing and Hardox® wear plate steel strips on the packer guides.

Our side loader garbage trucks are designed for simple operation and maintenance. Key components that require regular service are easily accessible, while controls are ergonomically designed with the driver in mind.

About Our HX450 Automated Side Loader Garbage Trucks

Depending on route density and landfill proximity, our automated models can service up to 1,200 homes per route, maximizing productivity. These models are built with 1/8-inch Hardox® AR450 175,000 psi, abrasion-resistant, high-tensile, wear plate steel throughout the entire body shell. Automated models are available in 30- to 36-cubic-yard body sizes with full push-out or hoist-to-dump ejection.

Our innovative, zero-radius arm design offers effortless maneuverability, even around parked cars. This feature allows the driver to pick receptacles straight up and return them to the same position safely — without worrying about coming into contact with vehicles.

Since the automated arm’s mounting position is integral with the body, it provides the best weight distribution and highest payload. The arm can also dump and return the container from any position without retracting the lift arm. Because the container travels vertically up the arm until reaching the hopper, spillage is minimized.

The dual-packer system incorporates our popular full-follower design, providing the ability to dump containers while the packer is compacting. The lower eject blade acts as a second floor, preventing trash from dropping directly on the hopper floor. This reduces wear to the hopper floor and allows quick floor replacement by simply replacing the lower eject blade.

The packer is controlled by Amrep's proprietary computer packer system that can be preset to automatically pack after the desired number of containers has been dumped. The computer also has an automatic dump feature to eliminate any spillage behind the blade.

About Our HX450 Manual Side Loader Garbage Trucks

Amrep manual side load refuse trucks are available in 25- to 36-cubic-yard body sizes in straight or drop frame construction with hoist-ejection dump systems.

Why Choose Amrep Side Loader Garbage Trucks

  • Hardox® AR450 wear plate steel allows us to create smartly designed truck bodies that maximize your payload
  • Stronger, more durable and long-lasting bodies can be built without additional weight
  • Easy-to-use, ergonomic in-cab controls are designed with the driver in mind
  • Easily accessible control systems and components facilitate maintenance and repair
  • Onboard diagnostics, pack-on-the-go and fast cycle times help drivers complete routes more quickly and efficiently
  • Unrivaled service and support that reduces downtime
  • Breadth of product line and numerous helpful features