Roll-Off Trailers

High-Quality Container-Moving Trailers

Two Types of Trailers to Meet Your Needs

For decades, Amrep® has met our customers’ individual specifications and business needs by designing and building several models of roll-off or transportation trailers. From local, multiple box hauls to long hauls with the ability to carry multiple boxes, Amrep trailers can help you reduce your fleet size by maximizing efficiency.

About Our AMPTR-35 Pup Trailers

Our pup trailers are designed to meet your short-haul, multiple-bin pickup and delivery needs. These trailers are able to pick up and dump containers on both the roll-off unit and the trailer without the need to disconnect the trailer. Purchased in conjunction with an Amrep roll-off hoist unit, our dumping trailers can be fully operated from the Amrep standard cab-control console.

About Our AMTTR-26 Series Transfer Trailers

Our transfer trailers are 26-foot reeving units with a container capacity of up to 24 feet. These trailers are ideal for multiple, long-haul pickups and deliveries, eliminating the need for a second roll-off unit.

Why Choose Amrep Roll-Off Trailers

  • Our roll-off trailers maximize efficiency, allowing companies to reduce their fleet sizes
  • 46,000-pound rated capacity to handle heavy loads and containers up to 24 feet in length
  • We manufacture two types of trailers to meet your short-haul and long-haul pickup and delivery needs
  • Unparalleled service and support that reduces downtime
  • Products, service and parts available throughout the United States